3rd party software to connect to AFP protocol from Winbox?

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Is there any Windows software that will allow me to use the Macintosh AFP protocol to connect to a server?

I’m using Windows XP and Windows 7.

Solution :

You would probably be better off enabling SMB on your server from Server Admin; I think you’ll find this easier to deal with than trying to get your Windows machines to use AFP.

every windows server comes with an option to do mac fileshareing services. you would just have do add the coresponding windows system components (was still there in win2k3 – don´t know about 2008). there are 3rd party tools aswell. Extrem Z IP is one of them.

There was an option in older forms of Windows until OS’s made after 2008. I’m still searching too. I’ll let you know if I find out how. My attempts to find a third party program have come up fruitless.