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A few minutes before I wondered why no upload to my server worked — the problem was: There is no free space left on the 15GB / partition. I found 2 files named “vx” (7GB) and “v”(2GB) in the root directory, but I have no idea where they come from and if they are important…

Do you know where they could have come from and if I can delete them?

The server is running some basic processes like php, mysql, webdav etc.

Solution :

Sounds like someone was typing tar with the options in the wrong order

tar -czfv archive.tgz archive/

creates a “v” file for me (and no output) where you probably meant

tar -czvf archive.tgz archive/

You can try

 tar -tvzf my_tar.tar.gz >/dev/null

and see if you get a file listing to verify.

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