Accessing a Windows network folder from the internet

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I want to access a network folder on my Windows Server 2012 (which runs in a datacenter and has its own external IP) from the internet.

I can access the folder from the local network (using the server’s local ip) without any problem, but as soon as I try to access it via the server’s external IP, it doesn’t work anymore (RDP does though). After some googleing the only answers to that problem seem to be “use ftp” or “use vpn”, but I don’t understand why I have to use a different technology, just because I’m not on the same network anymore.

Everyone seems to know perfectly well about why it is such a bad idea to expose a Windows folder to the internet. Coming from the Linux world, where you can easily and securely access servers with SSH and SFTP, I’m curious why is it considered bad practice to expose a Windows network folder to the internet? And, taking that into account, what is considered best practice for accessing a folder on a Windows server over the internet?

Solution :

Use a Virtual Private Network, maybe?

That would be the only way to do that in a secure way.

I’ll suggest OpenVPN, which is the most used and most reliable VPN
server/client I know of.

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