Add separate domain name to WordPress admin area with htaccess

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I have a WordPress installation in a seperate folder on my server (meaning it is not in the root folder). Let’s call that folder “folder A”. I have a htaccess rewrite rule that maps Domain A to folder A. Inside folder A is the WordPress admin folder, let’s call it folder A.B. I tried mapping Domain B to folder A.B., but I can’t get it to work properly. When you log in to WordPress via /admin, you get redirected to /wp-login.php (so from folder A.B. to folder A), maybe that is where I get into trouble. So what I would like to do is this:

Domain A > folder A
Domain B > folder A.B

Note that this is not for security purposes, I just like the idea of instead of Can this be done with WordPress?

Solution :

That is the problem with WordPress where the installation to Domain A would take over before you ever come to the DomainA,B WordPress installation because of the WordPress mod_rewrite rules inside the .htaccess file.

Can you answer why would you use such setup, to have a WordPress installation inside a WordPress installation ?

It would be far more logical to have separate installations, for example:

Are you using cPanel for this installation?

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