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I have this very simple reverse proxy rule in Apache 2.2.19:

ProxyPass         /test     http://other.local.machine/test
ProxyPassReverse  /test     http://other.local.machine/test

The problem is that it seems mod_proxy escapes the special characters in the Location header, but the special characters there are already escaped (for example, spaces become %20). So, in the end, a simple space is converted into the fugly sequence %2520.

The reason why the Location headers are already escaped is because they’re generated by a RewriteRule directive, that escapes characters by default.

How can I fix this?

Solution :

Couldn’t you just modify your RewriteRule? It has the NE flag to prevent escaping of special characters.

RewriteRule /test.htm "/test page.html" [NE,R]

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