Apache receiving hundreds of requests for various domains

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I have an Apache2 instance that started receiving hundreds of requests/s for some reason, for all sorts of domains that are not hosted here. There is nothing public running on it.

Here’s an excerpt of the access.log: https://gist.github.com/d9edfc546ca77d17b1df

Facts of interest:

  • bind9 was installed on it for a few days, but is not running anymore
  • recently switched to a static IP
  • there is a public subdomain (i.e. xxx.domain.com) pointing to the machine
  • ports 22, 80, and a few others forwarded from the router

iftop shows many active connections to


and other variations of these, all to ports that are blocked on the router.

nethog shows PID 0 for those…

0     root     ..1:80-             0.000       0.000 KB/sec

Solution :

From your logs it looks like someone is using your apache server as a proxy and what’s troubling is that it looks like you are returning 200 ok to those proxy requests: - - [14/Dec/2011:20:26:53 -0200] "POST HTTP/1.1" 200 11547

Return value is “200” and you served “11547” bytes. You should check your apache config to make sure you aren’t configured as an open proxy.

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