Apache returning text/html on some png files

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I have an Apache web server that has a sub folder for images.
For some reason, a few of the .png files are returned as text/html and not as image/png.

There is nothing indicating a permission problem and the files return with code 200 and with full size.
I made sure that image/png is set and even tried forcing it with .htaccess

Any idea where to look next?

Edit: looks like an .htaccess configuration problem on a parent directory.

Solution :

Did you make sure png files are valid image files? If you are on a Linux platform you can try the file command

file somefile.png

That command should return something along the lines of

PNG image data, 318 x 15, 8-bit/color RGB, non-interlaced

You can also try to view the file with a image viewer.

The problem for me was that the image file to be delivered was named pear.php.net-sos8j3lis2j.png.

Apache’s AddHandler directive – that’s used to assign the PHP interpreter to .php files
– supports multiple extensions, and pear.php.net.png was seen as having three extensions: .php, .net and .png. .php was the first, to the php interpreter was invoked.

text/html was then sent out by either apache or PHP, I don’t know.

What I had to do to fix the problem:

Replace all instances of

AddHandler php-cgi .php


<FilesMatch .php$>
    SetHandler php-cgi

Maybe look for .png, .PNG, .pNG and .PNg.

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