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I am interested in deploying a tomcat7 server that will server JSP pages and also support comet. I normally use the mod_jk connector for Apache/Tomcat communications. I’ve found information that says not to use the mod_jk connector for comet.

My question is which connector is best for supporting Apache httpd/Tomcat comet & JSP?


APR or NIO HTTP connectors??


Solution :

YMMV and you should do your own tests, but:

we recently switched from AJP to HTTP (2 lbs -> 7 tc in frontend-cluster) and found the HTTP-connector more stable when it comes to peak-times (we also found nginx slightly more stable than nginx, but apache offers a better balancer-management atm)

we also found no sign for speed-improvemends for AJP vs HTTP, but you should do your own tests and YMMV

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