Apache URL rewrite for subdomain pointing to an existing virtual server resource?

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I’m trying to point subdomain.example.com to a resource on subdomain2.example.com/?page_id=1

It’s a wordpress blog. I’m attempting to give a static page its own subdomain. The point is to basically showcase the existing resource without giving away the URL… So far, I’ve tried…

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}
subdomain.example.com [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$

but to no avail.

Currently I have the subdomain.example.com set up as its own Virtual server with a RedirectPermanent to the resource. Anyone have any insight on how to achieve this? I think i’m getting closer but I’m very new to this. Thanks.

Solution :

Also see http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/WhenNotToUseRewrite

Your issue might be the flags you’re using. See the documentation for the available flags; my guess is that you want [L] instead of [P].

I don’t think an entire virtual server is needed for this, but YMMV.

RewriteEngine On is there, just forgot to include it.

Adding [L] still just rewrites the url to subdomain2.example.com/?page_id=1 instead of what i want to appear in the browser as subdomain.example.com

I was thinking about mimicking the virtualserver for subdomain2.example.com and then forcing the subdomain.example.com to point to one url, and truncating everything after the .com ?

A huge waste of a virtual server, but…how would I go about that ordeal?

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