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mod_userdir seems to be able customize where the home folders are, but is there a way to make those available under a custom URL?

I want to provide users with a url like the following:

Solution :

This is entirely doable. I did just that and recorded the efforts here. This is a solution that does use mod-rewrite, but not deep wizardry. The problem we had was that when we were implementing user_dirs, The Powers That Be thought using a shift key to get at a directory was too much work and wanted a tilde-free version. That’s a one character version of what you’re doing.

The meat is in the RewriteRule statements.

RewriteRule  ^/somestring/([a-z0-9]+)         /~$1    [R]

The problem here is that /~username will still work. You can possibly get around that by using an internal proxy-redirect to another hidden domain name.

RewriteRule ^/somestring/(a-z0-9]+)        http://othervhost.example.com/~$1      [PT]

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