Bash: Running a background service for the duration of another process

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I am running some automated scripts. For some tasks I sometimes need a ephemral background “service” to run. For example, I want to setup an ssh tunnel, run a test, and then have the tunnel removed.

ATM I am using some lengthy code:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
function automated_task(){
    ssh -A -D 9999 some_server "sleep $socksProxyTimeout; " &
    sleep 3

    function cleanUp(){
        echo shutting down background processes...
        kill -9 $sockProxyPid || true
        cd ../../

    trap 'cleanUp' EXIT

I do not like this solution much, because I think cleanup is only called once the entire script exits, not just “automated_task”. I would really like to have the code as local as possible. What I’d really like to do is somehow specify for a background process to run only as long as the foreground process is still running.

Solution :

I would try storing the child process ID as indicated here


   if [ "x$sshPID" != "x" ]; then
       kill "$sshPID"

connect() {
    ssh -A -D 9999 some_server "sleep $socksProxyTimeout; " & sshPID=$!
    trap 'disconnect' EXIT

sleep 3

You may be able to use ssh -O exit some_server instead of kill, depending on if you use ControlMaster setup. (see ssh docs).

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