Cannot generate SSPI context from SQL Server Management Studio (2005)

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Yesterday I went through some troubles to set up a DB on my local machine. I finally got that working, but now today I am getting an error when I try to connect to a remote machine.

Cannot generate SSPI context. (.Net SqlClient Data Provider)

Server Name: remotedbserver
Error Number: 0
Severity: 11
State: 0
Procedure: GenClientContext

I tried rebooting, stopping all my local services, etc. Nothing seems to be working. I also tried to follow the steps to troubleshoot this found in the Microsoft Knowledge Database – nothing worked so far! I am using Windows 7 if that matters.

Solution :

So I finally got a logon to the actual server. I think the problem was that someone had the service running under their account, and must have changed their password. Hope this helps if anyone else gets this message.

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