Can’t switch off YouTube dark mode

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Can’t switch off YouTube dark mode – Is YouTube not working? Have no fear, we’ll get you back to watching those cat videos soon enough. It’s possible that YouTube is down for everyone, but the problem is more likely on your end. Whether videos are endlessly buffering, the YouTube app isn’t loading, or something else entirely, our troubleshooting steps for desktop and mobile should help you get YouTube working again. In this post we will describe about Can’t switch off YouTube dark mode, and how to fix it.

I can’t switch off YouTube dark mode; the image here explains it:

enter image description here

Can someone help? Restarting the browser doesn’t help. If I switch mode and restart it, it is dark again.

Answer :

  • go to chrome://extensions/ and check for extensions that may be forcing dark mode preference
  • then press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE and delete cookies which may store the dark mode preference because you are not loged in into YouTube

You can try clearing the cache, cookies… Try a different browser. Try in incognito mode. Try removing any scripts you have on YouTube to see if that is causing the issue. Try a different account. Use CCleaner. Restart computer.

Hopefully one of these will help with the issue.

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