Changing DHCP Scope brought down the Internet connection

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My school DHCP server(Win2008) runs out of IPs so I expanded the scope:
original: to
new: to

But as soon as I finished it, all my workstations could not get outside connection any more while internal connection has no problem.

FYI: The DHCP has multiple scopes. We have multiple VLANs set up. School wide we have eight Cisco 2950 switches and two 3650 core switches. No Cisco routers but one ASA5510 firewall.

I guess other than simply expanding the scope we will have to do something related to the vLans, but I am just not so sure. Thanks for your help in advance.

Solution :

Did you change the subnet to be larger (on all devices in this subnet, static and DHCP-defined), as well? If you didn’t, that’s most likely one of your many problems. You can’t just expand a subnet without changing the netmask for all devices on the subnet.

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