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configure server to handle a lot of requests [duplicate] – Managing your servers can streamline the performance of your team by allowing them to complete complex tasks faster. Plus, it can enable them to detect problems early on before they get out of hand and compromise your business. As a result, the risk of experiencing operational setbacks is drastically lower.

But the only way to make the most of your server management is to perform it correctly. And to help you do so, this article will share nine tips on improving your server management and fix some problem about apache-2.2, website, vps, traffic, .

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configure server to handle a lot of requests.

Hello all.

I have a website and we bought some advertisement on
We bought 1000 views hoping to get more users on the website.
We have a VPS with 1gb ram and 1gb burstable running apache. When we started
our add on the website we got around 1000 views in less than 1 minute.
As we see other wites can handle this sort of traffic but not ours.
Is there some sort of fix how we can view this because this sort of advertising
is needed to run the website. What it now does when we activate the website it
just loads very very slow and eventually goes to a blank screen.

Could anyone help,

Kind Regards

Solution :

Use nginx or lighttpd to serve static ads. Use the proxy features of Apache together with mod_rewrite to pass requests through to those HTTP servers or do it the other way around and use nginx/lighttpd to proxy through requests for dynamic content while serving static content directly.

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