Disk usage treemap software for headless Linux

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There are some programs which can display used disk space using a treemap, such as WinDirStat for Windows and KDirStat for KDE/Linux:

KDirStat screenshot

I’m looking for something similar, but for a headless Linux box. (E.g. run console data collection program on the server, then load the file in a graphical program in a GUI environment.)

Alternatively, what are other good ways to get a structured used disk space representation, with just SSH access?

Solution :

NCurses Disk Usage (ncdu) is good for this. See http://dev.yorhel.nl/ncdu for details. It’s available as a package for most popular distributions and lets you browse and find out where your disk space is used. It uses text characters to display a bar-chart of directory usage so you get a semi-graphical interface, in a text only environment.

gt5 is very nice. It has a console interface and also creates html files you can view in your browser. It’s in the repositories so you can just apt-get it.

I use du -cks * | sort -rn | head -11.

It shows the top ten directories by disk consumption. I use it on /home and such all the time.

xdiskusage allows you to pipe the output of du into it for analysis. It’s a great option.

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