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Facebook marks my website as spam – Is Facebook not working? Have no fear, we’ll get you back to watching those cat videos soon enough. It’s possible that YouTube is down for everyone, but the problem is more likely on your end. Whether videos are endlessly buffering, the Facebook app isn’t loading, or something else entirely, our troubleshooting steps for desktop and mobile should help you get Facebook working again. In this post we will describe about Facebook marks my website as spam, and how to fix it.

I can’t share my website on Facebook anywhere. Facebook marks it as spam. The Debugger Tool also doesn’t run and says that my website does not meet the community standards.I have tried reporting Facebook and saying that it is not a spam.

Answer :

Here is the official answer:

You might try running your website through the Facebook Debugger:


This tool was built to help to identify any errors that Facebook is reading from your website, and help provide information on what needs to be fixed to unblock your link.

From there, you can get help from your developers team or from the Facebook Developers team to make your website compliant and help our systems detect it as safe. Click the link below and select “Get Started” to open a support ticket with the Facebook Developers team (this option may not be available for all websites):



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