Good free software to track and graph memory and CPU usage on Windows?

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There are many questions on Linux memory tracking, but I haven’t seen any for Windows. In my case however its a Windows XP Pro box I need to track the memory and CPU usage of.

The reason I need it is due to a server program I’m trying that is eating all my processor and some of my memory which is freezing my RDP session and System Explorer and even makes it difficult to login physically.

As this is a very constrained server I’m working off of (768 MB RAM with Pentium 4 which disappears with this program), I need a program that doesn’t run/require a webserver. I can give it a MySQL database if necessary however.

Is there any suggestions for such a program?

Solution :

For one off debugging, you should use perfmon – it’s included in windows. You can setup a counters to run in the background and collect data then analyze it later.

Microsoft Explains it how just as good as anyone

check ProcessExplorer written by Mark Russinovich

I’m not sure this answers your requirements, but have you considered Process Explorer of the Sysinternals package?

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