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I am looking for a GSM modem capable of sending SMS to be used in CentOS 5.3.
In the other word, how can I make sure if a specific modem can be detected on kernel 2.6 before buying it.

Solution :

My employee are using a GSM modem called: HT910G
We are running it on our OP5 system and works great with CentOS 6.x and Linux 2.6

Here’s the manual:

When we migrated the system from bare metal to VMware we hooked the GSM modems up to a “Moxa” which converts TCP/IP to Serial (Could maybe be useful info)

Here’s the Moxa:

I use:

Manufacturer : Cinterion
Model        : MC52i
Product name : MC52i
Revision     : REVISION 01.201

It is connected via COM port and REQUIRES external power supply.

Having some problems with it though – sometimes it doesn’t send sms with error code 11, but it might be related to the service provider (vodafone).

If I was selecting a new one, I would go for something to USB, but I found that very difficult to find any working. For example – I was testing Vodafone K5150 and I wasn’t able to switch it to tty/USB device under linux. It showed only as a network card. It was able to send sms in windows though.

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