Help setting up NSD daemon (DNS server)

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While searching for a secure dns server I came across the NSD project.

I was really impressed by what seemed to me the best option out there that’s open source.

One problem thought their ‘tutorial’ is really not beginner friendly. I have basic DNS knoledge but what’s in there is out of my league.

I need to have multiple sites on this CentOS server I’ve recently got my hands on. They also need to receive email.

I have a master host and would love to set this in the way described in the rows that follow: ->  ->

And so on.

Any help in setting up this DNS server please? All answers and suggestions are welcomed. Thank you in advance.

Solution :

NSD reads the same (RFC 1035) format zone files as BIND, so presumably your first hurdle is knowing what a zone file looks like?

Learning that requires a full DNS tutorial, but for your zones you’ll need something like:

@        IN SOA   hostmaster ns1 (
                                    ... ; insert suitable values
         IN NS    ns1
         IN MX 10 mail
ns1      IN A ; put your name server's IP here
mail     IN A ; put your mail server's IP here
www      IN A ; put your web server's IP here

And in your nsd.conf file you just need:

    name: ""
    zonefile: ""

Bind 9 does not have a good security record, so yes go NSD

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