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On my site, if you browse to http://example.com/images/ the contents of the entire directory are shown like so:

Need to prevent this from showing

How can I make it so that this doesn’t happen?

Can I create an .htaccess file in that directory? Or is there a better way? I really want to block directory listing for the entire site (i.e. every directory on that site).

I figure it’s either something that has to be done in Apache or using an global .htaccess file and placing it in the public_html folder, perhaps?


I diverted this using an index.php file, but I still feel that security is an issue here, how can I fix this permanently?

Solution :

Depending on how your <directory> directives are defined, you have a couple of options.

For that directory, Options -Indexes will turn that off. This can be done anywhere in the httpd.conf file to disable that sort of thing.

Also, in an .htaccess file in that specific directory you can place IndexIgnore * will still produce the list but hide all the contents. A bit hacky, but if you can’t modify httpd.conf can work in a pinch.

You need to disable directory browsing. You can do that for the whole server by modifying httpd.conf, or you can do it in a directory of your choice by using a .htaccess file.

In both cases, look for the line that begins with Options and some other words; if it contains Indexes, change it to -Indexes; if it doesn’t contain it, add it to the line.

If there is no Options directive, just add Options -Indexes, and that’s all.

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