How can I ‘link’ one ethernet Network with a Wireless Network? (Linux) [closed]

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I have:

  • WiFi network with SSID=Network1 (running its own DHCP Server and connected to internet).
  • Computer1 with 1 ethernet interface and 1 WiFi interface.
  • Computer2 with ethernet interface.

My computers are all running Linux.

I would to connect Computer2 to my WiFi network using Computer1. If the network was ethernet i would just bridge both network interfaces in Computer1. But I don’t know how to bridge an ethernet network and a WiFi network keeping the Wifi connection with WPA active.

I do not want to do NAT either, I want my computer2 to get an IP address directly from the DHCP server from the Wifi Network.


Computer2 <===(ethernet)===>Computer1<===(wifi network1)===>( INTERNET )

Solution :

See Bridging wlan0 to eth0


It is not possible to bridge between wireless (client a.k.a. station mode) and wired intefaces


If you want the second computer to get DHCP address from the wireless router, using dhcrelay can achieve that.

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