How to accept email *only* from white-listed addresses in Gmail? [duplicate]

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How to accept email *only* from white-listed addresses in Gmail? [duplicate] – Despite Gmail excellence, there can be problems in accessing the service. You may not be able to clear out storage space, share files, or are unable to access a document. Thankfully, many Gmail problems are easy to fix. With Gmail, specifically, whether you’re storing and managing your documents, there’s a decent chance you’ll run into some manner of murkiness along the way. We’re going to offer some typical Gmail troubleshooting tips, then solve some specific Gmail problems, like How to accept email *only* from white-listed addresses in Gmail? [duplicate], and how to fix it.

Possible Duplicate:
How to implement a white-list-based system in Gmail?

I only want to accept email from two addresses, the rest I want to delete immediately, unseen.

I know how to make filters and I can white-list those two addresses.

If I make 3 filter, in this order;

1) from move to inbox, never mark as spam
2) from move to inbox, never mark as spam
3) from *@*.* delete immediately, never move to trash

can I be guaranteed that that will do what I want?

For instance, can I be sure that the filters are executed in that order? I don’t want to lose any mail from those two addresses.

[Update] The accepted answer was almost correct, but instead of doesn't have <list of email addresses> (which did not work) I used from ~{<list of email addresses>}

The tilde ~ negates and the curly braces {} delimit the list. So, mail from anyone who is not in the approved list will be filtered.

Answer :

Thought I’d leave this answer here as well in case it works for you:

You can try setting up a filter that only looks for emails that are NOT from the intended recipients. In the case you list int he question, you would set up your filter like this:

Doesn't have:, (Delete it)

This means that the filter selects everything unless it either comes from these addresses, or contains these addresses somewhere in the email thread.

By using the “Doesn’t have:” field, this allows you to reply to the thread, have a non-contact reply, and still have the thread safely reach the inbox.

Filters are run in no particular order. Even if they were, your 3rd filter would delete all mails, including the ones u want to keep.
You could instead create a filter to forward mails from those 2 email addresses to an other account. And if that account is new, you wouldn’t need to worry about getting other emails.

You could use multiple inboxes and labels, with the following settings:

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