How to access local site from other computer on windows PC

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On my linux pc i access webisite by going http://site1.local

I have setup virtual host in httpd.conf

I want that when i should be able to access that address from windows PC.

In the windows hosts file i have written site1.local

But still i can’t access the page.

i can ping that adress but not get the webpage to work

Solution :

You can change your virtual host from to your network ip which is or you can make it *:80.

I would recommend the 2nd option so it will keep working on both, internaly on the server and within your internal ip.

The reason it won’t work for your other computer is probably because it is bounded to

So it would be:

NameVirtualHost *:80

<VirtualHost *:80>

The NameVirtualHost *:80 is needed so it won’t let other sites conflict with each other, but make sure you have only one entry of NameVirtualHost in your httpd.conf or vhosts.conf.

It should be a matter of checking if apache is listening on port 80 with

sudo netstat -anp | grep :80

for which you should see your apache and IP:PORT that it is listening on.

If it listens on the right interface (or on all interfaces) then it can be a problem of the right firewall or name resolution on the other local station.

HOSTS file might be or not be fine, test if it works over

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