How to compare two playlists in YouTube?

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How to compare two playlists in YouTube? – Is YouTube not working? Have no fear, we’ll get you back to watching those cat videos soon enough. It’s possible that YouTube is down for everyone, but the problem is more likely on your end. Whether videos are endlessly buffering, the YouTube app isn’t loading, or something else entirely, our troubleshooting steps for desktop and mobile should help you get YouTube working again. In this post we will describe about How to compare two playlists in YouTube?, and how to fix it.

I want to download videos of two playlists from YouTube (100+ videos in each one) but they have common videos. How can I compare these playlists and find the repeated videos?

Answer :

There is a way! First, export your playlists as two different csv files using this: Then, using Excel, put the “track name” column of the two playlists on a single Excel sheet. Then, you can highlight duplicates across the two columns.

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