How to identify faulty drive on a HP DL160 G6 – P410 Smart Array

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I have a HP DL160 G6 Server with 4 HP SAS drive, firmware have been updated to the latest on the HD and the Smart Array…

The issue im having is that one of the disk have a steady amber light turned on while the activity led keeps flashing when there is activity… The amber led stays amber for a couple of ours and then the led turn off. Activity led keeps flashing always.

Accordingly to HP that behavior is the sign of a malfunctioning disk but the smart array administrator (windows application) says that there is no problem or issues on the array/volume/disk.

This only happens on one of the 4 drives installed on the server.

Should i just change the drive or is there any other tool or test that can be done to determine the drive status.?


All 4 drives are the same model/brand and are HP manufactured feb 2013,
Server is updated – Bios, P410, Drivers, HD drives.
Windows 2012 R2
HD unit model :EF0300FARMU

Solution :

I’d reseat the disk… If the same behavior continues, then potentially replace it by telling HP that it’s a “drive pre-failure”.

Please post the output of the HP Array Configuration Utility. If you have the command line interface installed, something like ctrl all show config detail would be helpful.

These drives are 15k RPM 300GB SAS disks. They’re a little hard to find right now, but don’t have a history of oddities (I have plenty in production). The other consideration is that your DL160 G6 server may have a drive backplane issue. If a new or replacement disk exhibits the same behavior, it’s probably the backplane. Everything here is within the scope of warranty, though.

You may go to the software download page of the RAID card and look for the ADU (Array Diagnosing Utility). Run this utility and it will collect the logs for you. From the logs you may be able to confirm the issue.

It seems an intermediate sensing issue to me. Watch out for your backups.


you should scan the faulty hard drive with western digital’s data lifeguard diagnostic’s tool, Even if it’s not a western digital hard drive you should be fine running the san
Here is the website :

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