How to make schema dumps comparable between Windows and Linux

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I have two systems running, one on linux and the other on windows. From the linux box, I ran pg_dump against both systems and dumped the schema.

pg_dump command:

pg_dump -h HOST -U USER -s -f /tmp/out.sql DB_NAME

After I removed all of the “–” comments, I diffed the files together.

Diff output snippet, linux compared to windows:

-    ADD CONSTRAINT sys_c004775 FOREIGN KEY (ruleid) REFERENCES rule(ruleid);
+    ADD CONSTRAINT sys_c004775 FOREIGN KEY (ruleid) REFERENCES "rule"(ruleid);

The linux dump does not quote any entities and windows does. Is this a function of some encoding or just of a difference between windows and linux? Is there an option in pg_dump to make the output more consistent?

Solution :

It’s rather strange but both lines are correct and will work in any PostgreSQL-database on any OS. “rule” isn’t a reserved word, but it is an object type in PostgreSQL. That might be the reason why some version of pg_dump treats this name different. If you realy need unquoted names, just use another name, a name without any conflicts with object types what so ever.