How to point a public domain on another server to your localhost on Linux?

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This is a rather hard question to ask as I am not sure what is is called. Basically I own a license for a product, which is licensed to one of my domains (eg. The problem is I need to test things locally before I make changes on my public website but I can’t install it on my localhost because its Zend encrypted and only works on one domain name. I basically want my localhost server to believe that “” is located on my localhost instead of trying to connect to it on the internet. Is this possible? I know it was with Windows, but I can’t seem to find how to do this with Linux.


Solution :

You could put a line in your /etc/hosts like this:

If you are using Apache, you want to make a VirtualHost called “” and then add “” to /etc/hosts such as localhost

Then hit in your browser and the virual host should handle the request locally. See this Apache documentation for more details.

If I understand correctly, all you have to do is to edit /etc/hosts. You should add that line:

Then will be resolved to which is your machine.

not sure about linux but try updating your hosts file to add to point to Your.Public.Domain.You.Want.ToSpoof

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