How to remove hidden Google contacts

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How to remove hidden Google contacts – Despite Gmail excellence, there can be problems in accessing the service. You may not be able to clear out storage space, share files, or are unable to access a document. Thankfully, many Gmail problems are easy to fix. With Gmail, specifically, whether you’re storing and managing your documents, there’s a decent chance you’ll run into some manner of murkiness along the way. We’re going to offer some typical Gmail troubleshooting tips, then solve some specific Gmail problems, like How to remove hidden Google contacts, and how to fix it.

How can I remove people from the seemingly hidden contacts list Google keeps for me? For instance Google Play keeps showing me suggestions and reviews of apps from a person who is not in my contacts but who I emailed once or twice 4 years ago.

Similarly, in Gmail I get suggestions for email addresses I haven’t had contact with for nearly 10 years, but I don’t know how to remove these because they aren’t listed in my contacts.

Answer :

At this point it’s not possible.

Google Contacts has a suggested contacts features which doesn’t have enable / disable option at this point.

So any time you email somebody Google contacts adds them as you suggested contacts so when you look at your contacts you see them as a contacts. Even the people you emailed once.

You can check Google Forums.

Also, these types of questions could be posted on Google Forums:!forum/apps

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