How to sync SVN repository with a remote FTP filesystem

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I configured a Centos server locally(in-office) which contains a SVN repository with a project. Many developers are working on this repository and making changes.

Also I have a remote server which has FTP where the Project is being hosted. So I needed to manually upload repository changes to the FTP file system.

I’ve R&D on a syncing method and decided to mount the remote FTP file system on top of Centos server and rsync the SVN repository directory with the FTP‘s respected project directory.

My problem is, I can’t see any project related files or directories in the SVN repository.

So how do I get my requirement done? Is there any proper method to achieve my requirement than this? Or am I completely misunderstood the SVN concept? if it is, please let me know to do this?

Solution :

You can not rsync repository per se as directory at FS, because at physical layer it doesn’t correlate with logical content.

You must to get content of repository (better – without SVN-related metadata) as real tree on server-side before and rsync this tree

Using (any) SVN-client (CLI svn may already exist or you have to install it), you’ll svn export from file:/// URL of local repository to SOMEDIR and can use this SOMEDIR for syncing

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