I Have configured a DNS Server and have a domain now [closed]

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So, I configured BIND on 2 of my servers. I have BIND fully working.
I changed my DNS on my Computer to my master server. I then visited the domain I setup. it seems to work. but once I’m not connected using my DNS it does not work. Is there some place on the internet where I have to submit my name-servers?

Sorry for such a noob question. I have searched the internet for hours and could not find anything.

I’m new at hosting my own DNS and domains.

Solution :

It is like a telephone, you know.

YOu can set up your own telephone system hoever you like, but once you want other people to reach you, you need to tie into the large telephone network.


You can come up with all kinds of domains – but once you want other people to reach them, you must register them officially. WHich is SO much marketed on every internet provider ever if you say “i have searched the internet for hours” I wonder if you ever heard of google.

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