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I have a small Kickstart script which (among other things) connects to our Puppet master, approves the certificate request and then creates a basic framework for a new server.

Within my Kickstart post section I have the following commands.

# Run the setup script.
exec < /dev/tty6 > /dev/tty6 2>&1
chvt 6
wget http://enoch/ks/ -O /root/
chmod +x /root/
bash /root/
# And go back to Anaconda
chvt 1 
exec < /dev/tty1 > /dev/tty1 2>&1

Within I have the line

ssh -t $USERNAME@puppetmaster $HOSTNAME

This works perfectly when called from the command line, however when I run this from the Kickstart menu my SSH window opens under the original terminal and breaks the remainder of the script. How can I correct this?

Solution :

While not a solution to the underlying behavior I worked around this problem by changing the virtual terminal back to 1 for the SSH binary as shown below.

echo Running server side script..
chvt 1
ssh -q -t $USERNAME@puppetmaster $HOSTNAME
chvt 6

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