Moving files from one linux server to another using scp [closed]

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I want to move some files from one server to another . I want the public_html directory from server 1 to be transferred to server 2 . Can anyone give me the syntax to do so ? rsync keeps crashing my server after some hours . I’m using centos 7 .

Solution :

scp -r <source path> <user_name>@<ip of server_2>:/<destination path>


scp -r ./public_html movi@

You should use SCP when you want to do a one copy. And Rsync if you want to continues sync directories or files.

I’m using the following syntax for syncing over SSH

rsync -ah --delete -e ssh /path/to/source-folder user@server:/path/to/destination-folder

Don’t worry about the –delete flag. That options only deletes files and folders in the destination folder when it doesn’t exists in the source folder

I’m having a hard time thinking that this should cause your servers to crash. Please provide us with your rsync command so that we could look into this issue.


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