Non-official Cisco VPN client for Linux

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Does anyone know of a good VPN client that is not the official one from Cisco for Linux?

Solution :

I’ve used vpnc in the past with great success. It also integrates into Network manager very nicely – at least under Ubuntu

The shrew soft client also works quite well.

For future references. I ended up using OpenConnect with vpnc scripts. We connect to our VPN using a web-login with a OTP (One Time Password) (retarded I know), simply using vpnc was not enough, however one can use it’s configuration files in combination with OpenConnect, which in turn worked great.

You can use the Open Source Client vpnc. It’s a RPM Package. I used this Client for many years on my Debian. Today most people use Cisco Anyconnect for VPN Dialin because the VPN Client is going End-of-Life by July,24 2014.

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