Permissions/Owernship issue on local LAMP install [duplicate]

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Possible Duplicate:
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I have a local dev environment set up with a LAMP stack, it’s used for WordPress development.

Now, whenever I want to edit a file in /var/www/mysite I need to type in sudo before I can edit anything. This is obviously a unnecessary, and I was wondering what I need to set up to fix this issue.

Solution :

You can add yourself into the www-data group

Then you would have to make all files writeable for the group www-data: sudo chmod g+w * -R, but if wordpress creates new files those will have the wrong permissons again. To avoid that you have to set the umask, check this link for further information:

or since you are on your local system and don’t have to fear the evil internet, you could run apache under your user.

Most often you can find the settings in httpd.conf, there you will find two options:

User www-data
Group www-data

Hope I could help

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