Point subdirectory to another domain is IIS 6

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Is it possible to rewrite somehow www.mysite.com/Pictures to point to test.mysite.com/Pictures
or even more broadly www.someothersite.com/Pictures ?

Note: www.mysite.com and test.mysite.com are on separate machines and built with different technologies (one is ASP.NET and the other is PHP) but I have access to both of them.

I want that when I reference a picture like www.mysite.com/Pictures/pic12345.png the picture to display correctly, even though there is not /Pictures folder on that server and the pictures has to be retrieved by going to test.mysite.com/Picture/pic12345.png

Ideally I want to do this in IIS6 to test it. However I am interested if it possible to do in any webserver (Apache, IIS7)

Solution :

Been a while since I worked with Asp.NET but you could write a http module that handles this for you.

Use a .htaccess file (on www.mysite.com), within which you want:

Redirect 301 /Pictures www.someothersite.com/Pictures

Alternatively, you could use mod_rewrite:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^Pictures/(.*)$ www.someothersite.com/Pictures/$1

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