Recent installation of Opera imported Gmail session from Firefox

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Recent installation of Opera imported Gmail session from Firefox – Despite Gmail excellence, there can be problems in accessing the service. You may not be able to clear out storage space, share files, or are unable to access a document. Thankfully, many Gmail problems are easy to fix. With Gmail, specifically, whether you’re storing and managing your documents, there’s a decent chance you’ll run into some manner of murkiness along the way. We’re going to offer some typical Gmail troubleshooting tips, then solve some specific Gmail problems, like Recent installation of Opera imported Gmail session from Firefox, and how to fix it.

My Firefox had a Gmail session active, then I was needed to make a fresh install of Opera browser. After the installation of Opera finished, I pretended to log in into my Gmail, I was expecting it was necessary to me to set my username and password and then my phone verification, but no, my session automatically opened.

From previos experiences, when I pretended to start session into Gmail from Chrome (or any new browser) it required me phone verification and username with password.

To me that is not a problem, but why did it happen?

Answer :

I’m speculating here, but a couple of possibilities come to mind:

  • you already had an active session with your Google account and signed in from the same IP address; it seems logical to assume it was you

  • Did you copy your Firefox configuration to Opera? Did that include cookies? User agent? Google may have believed that you were using the same browser, especially since it was using the same IP address for your active session

  • perhaps neither of these things are absolutely true, but instead Google only offers the extra security if it doesn’t have a high degree of certainty who you are. I’m sure Google has a number of things they look at to make that determination

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