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I have a bunch of remote computers that must be updated to the most recent packages for RedHat 4 and RedHat 5. I am using mrepo to mirror the RHN packages, however the remote computers do not have an internet connection.

Because of this I have to update the mirror server that is part of the remote computers with a dvd. This is to cut down shipping costs to just a dvd.

I am attempting to script this so I can fit all of the new packages on a CD or a DVD. I send updates about once or twice a month depending on package requirements.

So my question is, is their a good method to do this so that the only things transferred are the new packages? I wish I could just use rsync.


Solution :

what about a diff of your directory structures? Generate a directory listing of your remote mirror and your local system and transfer only the new files to the CD/DVD.

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