Remove Excel Add-In program installed by user from other windows account

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I developed an add-in for excel and the first version I send an email with the .exe file to users install (The system center was not working at that moment).

Now I need to uninstall the add-in (from system center). But the first installation has done in the user’s account.

Is it possible for me to uninstall the first version of my add-in from other windows admin account (system center)? (e.g create a bat file that removes the windows registry entries) How?

Solution :

After some hours on Google I found that is not possible.

I can create a .bat file to uninstall the first version, but I can’t run on other account to uninstall. The users that installed need to run the .bat file to uninstall, because the first version had the option “just me” during installation by default.

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