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My server is unreachable without “www.” prefix, even when trying it with ping.

The DNS entry looks like this:

$TTL 86400
@   IN SOA (
    2011010600   ; serial
    14400        ; refresh
    1800         ; retry
    604800       ; expire
    86400 )      ; minimum

@                        IN NS
@                        IN NS
@                        IN NS

@                        IN A
localhost                IN A
mail                     IN A
www                      IN A
ftp                      IN CNAME   www
imap                     IN CNAME   www
loopback                 IN CNAME   localhost
pop                      IN CNAME   www
relay                    IN CNAME   www
smtp                     IN CNAME   www

A DNS record of the same type for another domain on the same server is working with and without “www”.

And the VirualHost config looks like this:

<VirtualHost *:80>


An nslookup for and shows different IPs! The wrong IP is from a former version of the DNS record. Maybe some DNS servers are not up to date, but I wonder why they are up to date with the www. version.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Solution :

In addition to incrementing the serial, as Chris S said in a comment, one small step often overlooked by those who don’t work with DNS routinely is telling the DNS server to reload the file.

As far as I know, you only need the A record for www to resolve.

Hostname  IP Address 

Since almost all answers came in form of comments, I have to repeat a comment to answer the question.

The solution was: Increment the serial after adding the default record.

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