Setup git on an Internal Server [Ubuntu]

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I’m new to Ubuntu.

I’ve been following this Setting Up the Server to config git on a Ubuntu machine (MyUbuntu).
I created a Git account and my authorized_key is in /Home/git/.ssh


The key is generated from a windows pc (MyWindows), and the two machines are connected in a local network (can ping each other).

I’ve created a git repo in /opt/git/project.git in myubuntu.
I tried to create a branch on mywindows and push to myubuntu

git remote add origin git@myubuntu:/opt/git/project.git

git push origin master

But the error msg it gave me is

ssh:connect to host myubuntu port 22: Bad file number

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Did I miss any setup steps, what about folder permission of repo on myubuntu or missing some ssh setup?

Solution :

This is definitely a connection problem, not a problem with directory permissions. The ssh-service on port 22 of the Ubuntu host is not reachable. Either ssh is not running or port 22 is blocked by a firewall.

On your Ubuntu machine, make sure sshd is running on port 22:

sudo netstat -tlnp|grep :22

and check that there are no firewall rules in place that block the connection:

sudo iptables -nL

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