slow speed in aswtates update

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slow speed in aswtates update – Managing your servers can streamline the performance of your team by allowing them to complete complex tasks faster. Plus, it can enable them to detect problems early on before they get out of hand and compromise your business. As a result, the risk of experiencing operational setbacks is drastically lower.

But the only way to make the most of your server management is to perform it correctly. And to help you do so, this article will share nine tips on improving your server management and fix some problem about apache-2.2, awstats, logging, , .

I have installed AWStates to analyze my site apache log.

I have run the update command for the first time. size of log file is 250M.I run it about 10 mins ago and it is still working.

Is this slow speed in update command ok?

Solution :

It was slow because of DNS Lookup. I set to use GeoIP instead of DNSLookup in config file and it get solved.

Thank you anyway.

The first run will most likely have to “thread through” all the existing logging to build up the stats. Subsequent runs should be new deltas against the existing stats at that point.

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