smartctl or hddtemp for xvda [closed]

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I’m trying to check the state of the drives on a remote server running Debian wheezy. I’m using a software RAID10 on top of, I guess, xen, since the entries in /dev are /dev/xvda and /dev/xvdb

But it I try

smartctl -a /dev/xvda

I get

/dev/xvda: Unable to detect device type
Smartctl: please specify device type with the -d option.

I’ve tried various device type guesses, none work

Similar problem with hddtemp, which reports

ERROR: /dev/xvda: can’t determine bus type (or this bus type is unknown)

I’ve searched the smartmontools documentation, but can’t find any discussion of virtual
disks. . .

How do I get behind the virtualisation to something smart tools or hddtemp can work with?

Solution :

How about asking your VM provider what is going on with your VM?

In that service request state the times where your VM did reboot.

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