Software Raid 10 on VirtualBox?

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Software Raid 10 on VirtualBox? – Managing your servers can streamline the performance of your team by allowing them to complete complex tasks faster. Plus, it can enable them to detect problems early on before they get out of hand and compromise your business. As a result, the risk of experiencing operational setbacks is drastically lower.

But the only way to make the most of your server management is to perform it correctly. And to help you do so, this article will share nine tips on improving your server management and fix some problem about linux, virtualbox, partition, software-raid, raid10.

I want to learn how to use Software Raid 10, is it possible to use VirtualBox by adding four storage images?

This is my plan:

  • 4x 100mb partitions (1 on each drive) configured as a raid 1 for /boot in ext3.
  • Then with the remaining space on each drive, setup a software raid partition and configure it to to LVM and raid 10.
  • In the LVM, set up a 4gb swap partition and the remaining space as the root partition ( / ) as ext3.

Solution :

Yes, this will work. Of course, don’t expect to get any performance gain as the underlying disks are on the same device, but it’s a great way to learn how to set it up in a safe environment.

As Kyle said, this will work. The setup and administration tasks
will be identical to a physical system. As additional benefit, You
can simulate the removal and replacement of a disk without fiddling
with five disks.


  • There won’t be any redundancy. Therefore, Your raid is as vulnerable as the host file system.
  • I/O performance will be very low. Every write access results in two physical writes on two different parts of the same physical disc on the host system.

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