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So here’s one for you. Any idea on a way to shorten the time it takes to connect to a MySQL database?

The reason I’m wondering is because I find that just connecting to the DB adds just over a second to the rendering of the page and that seems a bit long considering Apache and MySQL is running on the same machine and the mysqli_connect is connecting to localhost. It’s just such a shame when the connection takes a second while any query I end up doing won’t add any significant amount of time to the render/load time.

Any ways to shorten the time it takes to open a connection?

Solution :

With so little information to go on it’s hard to offer much but I will tell you that you will be better off setting your configuration to connect to MySQL by IP ( address than by name. If nothing else, you will remove one complete layer from the connection.

Since everything is local, you can skip networking (TCP/IP, DNS, etc) and use a socket or network-pipe connection to MySQL.


You should use persistent connexion from your application to the mysql server, this way you won’t have to initiate a new TCP connexion each time a request is done.

Have a look at this documentation:

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