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When issuing the following command:

 ps -ef | grep queue

I get a list of 5 processes running.

root   10001    1   0   2012  pts/5   02:22:04 /usr/local/perl/bin/perl  /usr/local/cpi/sss/enroll_req - L
root   10003    1   0   2012  pts/5  00:12:44  /usr/local/perl/bin/perl  /usr/local/cpi/sss/job_req -L

My question is this. If I issue a

kill 10001

How would I restart the enroll_req process?

Solution :

This depends on how the process was started in the first place. In the easiest case, it might be enough to just use the command line you see in the ps output:

/usr/local/perl/bin/perl /usr/local/cpi/sss/enroll_req - L

but if this process was spawned, e.g. from some master process doing some initialization, you could run into trouble.

Why do you want to do this in the first place?

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