storage traffic not going through Bonded interface

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hi few days back i have asked a question here

choosing network interface based on network purpose

on my Centos server there are 4 NICs

i bonded first two NICs and created bond0 with an MTU of 8600 and bonded second two interfaces and created bond1

with an intention to use bond0 for storage and bond1 for network traffic.

bond1 is connected to a Linux Bridge – br0

NFS server is at and bond0 has an ip address of

bond1 has an ip of

two subnets and VLAN are not possible
so what i did was i manually added a route

route add -host dev bond0 

and is visible in

route -n

But for some reason Rx Tx of br0(bond1) is in Gb and that of bond0 is Kb even with lots of data transferred to NFS

Why bond0 is not used for data transfer to NFS
even with this route

Destination   Gateway       Genmask       Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface UH    0      0        0 bond0


tcpdump shows Host to NFS server is communicated over IP on bond0 ie but Rx Tx is in KB,and if i bring down IP on bond0 then it uses for NFS communication.

Why is Tx of bond0 not increasing even if uses IP assigned on it to access NFS!!!

Solution :

You can do this by using policy-based routing to hint to Linux to prefer particular interfaces for specific traffic.

However, the setup you’re using here looks very unstable and you’re going to HAVE LOTS OF PAIN in the future.

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