su between regular user accounts fails with “su: incorrect password”

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user1 wants to su to user2 (both are non-root). When user1 runs su - user2, he’s prompted for user2’s password as expected, but the password is never accepted.

user1@host $  su - user2   (switch from user1 to user2)
su: incorrect password
user1@host $

user2 is a valid, unlocked account with a real shell specified in /etc/passwd. You can SSH as user2 to the box (ssh user2@host). Also, in my testing user1 and user2 have the same password, so it’s not a matter of a password mismatch (supplying user2’s password when user1’s is expected, or vice versa).

Oddly, pam_tally2 increments user2’s failed login but nothing is logged to /var/log/secure. For that matter, nothing is logged to anything else in /var/log, either.

I can work around this by adding this line to sudoers:
user1 ALL=(ALL) /bin/su

… and running the command with sudo:
user1@host $ sudo su - user2

However, I’d like to find out why I can’t just run su.

This is a RHEL5 box that has STIGs applied automatically with Aqueduct, so I’m not sure what would have been changed in /etc/pam.d.

Solution :

Not having your /etc/pam.d/su I can only guess that:

  • probably su is restricted to the wheel group using auth required
  • the pam stack is misconfigured

For a hint on how to use pam_tally2 in RHEL5, check here,