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I just setup SVN on a server that is running Ubuntu server as a fresh install. I’ve got it up and running but am having difficult determining how to connect to it.

I’m trying to do an import using the local IP address: http://IP/RepositoryName but it’s saying it can’t resolve the IP. I’m wondering if there’s something on the server I need to setup.

I have not modified dav_svn.conf because there is another server here that is running SVN (I’m migrating it to a new server) and it’s dav_svn.conf is not modified. The current working SVN has a subdomain associated with the IP location of the server but doesn’t do anything special with the ports as far as I can tell.

I’m getting this error via RapidSVN when I try to import…

Error: Error while performing action: OPTIONS of 'http://IP/RepositoryName': could not connect to server (http://IP)

Any help would be appreciated

I’m now connecting to the server (didn’t realize Ubuntu server came naked without apache, and ssh) and getting the response

svn: OPTIONS of 'http://IP/RepositoryName': 200 OK (http://IP)

when I run a checkout. It sounds to be like there’s a disconnect between apache and the SVN service.

Solution :

could not connect to server (http://IP

Suggests that it is unable to connect a web server listening (default on port 80) at the IP address.

Using a numeric IP address (e.g. there is no name “resolving” to be done, so that is not failing.

Can you access the web server itself (e.g. from the system that you are getting their error via RapidSVN?

If the system does not have a web browser, then telnet or netcat will do, telnet IP 80 or nc -v 80. Hit “enter” or “return” when it connects.

Is http the correct access method for your SVN server? For example, svn://IP/RepositoryName and svn+ssh://IP/RepositoryName are other examples of different methods.

I’m assuming you have read and followed the outline at Ubuntu’s help on Subversion.

I hope this helps.

Based on your feedback, it sounds like there is a problem with the web server serving to the client portion of SVN repository.

So you can work on debugging this part of the problem. Things to consider are:

I originally assumed this, but you should verify that it is correctly configured and working if you haven’t already. Can you ping the router or gateway, ping Is DNS resolving, host Can you ssh to and from the server?

  • Is Apache installed and running?

The simplest way to check this is using the Synaptic Package Manager, and search for the apache2 package. To see if the web server is running, ps ax | grep apache2 (note: some systems use the name httpd instead of apache2).

Is this is the problem, then following the Ubuntu Apache2 Web Server guide should help you get Apache installed and configured enough that you can enable the Subversion access via http.

  • Is SVN setup working?

Can you locally (on the server itself) checkout from the repository you set up? svn co file:///Repository

Once you know that the repository is setup, then you can edit the Apache config file to include Subversion support.

Good luck, you seem to be doing well so far.

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