Too Many Files In Debian Linux Folder?

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I’ve been using an external USB drive on a Debian server for backup. The drive is formatted as NTFS and mounted with ntsfmount. This was working fine, but I was filling up a directory with lots of files. Eventually the backup failed. When I then tried to look at the directory using ls it reported:

ls: reading directory .: Numerical result out of range

Looking in syslog, I also saw this:

Sep 23 07:35:31 tosh ntfsmount[28040]: Failed to read index block: Numerical result out of range.

Is this simply that I’ve reached the upper limit of number of files in a directory? If so, is there any way to extend the number of allowed files?

Solution :

It would make more sense to format this drive with a native Linux filesystem like ext3 if you wish to continue using it for backups of a Linux server.

The ntfsmount is not meant to be used the way you’re using it. You’ve reached one of its limitations.

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